Meet Marie Stegner

As Maid Brigade's new Consumer Health Advocate, I believe that ?green? living is such an important step in healthy living. I feel there are still so many people that are confused with what is ?green and healthy? for their families and the environment and what is not, especially when it comes to green products and green cleaning. I can understand how doing research on this topic can be very time consuming, so through my role as Consumer Health Advocate, I plan to do the research and keep our readers informed about proper green cleaning and how this way of life is healthier for our families. This way you can focus your time on more important things in life.

I also bring first-hand knowledge of the potential health risks associated with cleaning chemicals. The first job that I ever had was working in a boatyard cleaning boats. The chemicals that the boatyard used were so strong I remember getting headaches from the strong chemical odors. I would breathe in the fumes of these chemicals all day long and it sometimes hurt to breathe. To this day, I suffer from headaches and asthma. Using chemicals to clean pose such a health hazard, why would anyone want to expose their families to this?

Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is very important. Finding a healthier way to clean is a key factor in maintaining balance and achieving overall well-being. After all, when your house is clean, you are in a better frame of mind. Green cleaning promotes well-being because it is a safe and effective way to remove airborne asthma and allergy triggers in the home. Using green clean certified solutions which are chemical free allows both the body and mind to function better. Living in a clutter-free home also promotes a calmer environment. When your house is "green" cleaned, your physical and mental states are more relaxed and able to function optimally. When your house is free of clutter, your family can enjoy a safer and healthier environment. When you are relaxed, you feel happier, more balanced. When you have more "balance', you have more time to focus on what you want to do, whether it is spending time with yourself, your family, or both.

De-cluttering your home is a great thing to do during the winter months. Too much physical clutter can lead to mental clutter. Properly sorting through and organizing things can create a calmer, more harmonized environment. Completing this task during the winter will put you in a positive, more prepared frame of mind for the upcoming spring green cleaning months. If an item doesn?t stand for what you love or who you are, or if it doesn?t have any significance in your life, than that item is probably something you can get rid of. Donating, selling or recycling are great GREEN ways to find new homes for used items.

I look forward to sharing all of my research on toxic chemicals and explaining how conventional cleaning chemicals are linked to certain health issues, such as asthma, autism, ADHD, and even cancer. I will write about how living green is so much healthier for our families, our pets and our environment. I will help to educate people on which green products are really "green". But most of all, I hope that the information I share will help people get a better understanding of how green cleaning and green living can affect the mental and physical aspects of balance in our lives.

2018 Green Clean Certified
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